I’m looking for solar and battery storage

The Residential Solar Energy Smart Hybrid System is designed for those looking to get the maximum benefit from self-generated solar. As an all-in-one modular unit, the Smart Hybrid System eliminates the need for a separate inverter and battery compartment, reducing the number of external cables needed on the side of your home. A hybrid system is also the most cost-effective solution for installing rooftop solar power and battery storage at the same time.

The modern and sleek design is ideal for single-phase homes that have two-four bedrooms, a regular size air-conditioning system, and power regular home appliances. For example a fridge, freezer, washing machine, dryer, TV, computer etc.

If you have a three-phase house, you may want to check out our Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System.


Tonnes of CO2 avoided with Residential Solar Energy*


Average Self-Sufficiency for Residential Solar Energy Customers*

*All efforts are based on estimates only